Episode 170: Messing with Texas

This week Karl & Vinnie celebrate Juneteenth by messing with Texas, we also celebrate Vinnie’s birthday: In WATC we feature a show hosted by an Australian school teacher who uses her “Teaching Skills” to tell us all about heinous crimes with horribly constructed nursery rhymes: In the scum parade we learn about a German baby throwing human trafficking ring, a disgraced doctor who loved a good prank and a gentleman who is horny for hedgehogs 

To vote for which host brought the creepiest Texan visit Thecreepoff.com 

Check out this week’s scum parade stories here: 

Michigan woman faces life sentence after she threw lye at father, causing fatal injuries (nbcnews.com)

Crying baby thrown from train | Daily Mail Online

Doctor who kept adding his semen to woman’s coffee claims he ejaculates when pooing – Daily Star

Sadistic killer who tortured hedgehogs was caught ‘naked with prosthetic breasts’ – Daily Star

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