Episode 134: What’s a Ponzi Scheme?

 This week Karl and Vinnie mow down the Motor City by nominating the biggest creeps from Detroit. This one might be hard to listen to, especially if you like cats: We prove that our show is better than “True Crime Obsessed”: In the Scum Parade we meet a principle that liked to sneak a peek, a pilot with a bucket list and a poor man who went on a truly terrible tinder date

Check out this week’s Scum Parade stories:
Former Principal Danny McEaddy Was Peeping Tom at Night: Police – NBC10 Philadelphia (nbcphiladelphia.com)

Pilot sues Southwest after colleague exposes himself (yahoo.com)

Colo. woman allegedly duct taped, choked Tinder date with belt, threatened him, then ordered delivery | Truecrimedaily.com

Texas woman convicted of killing a woman to take her unborn baby (click2houston.com)

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