Episode 164: How Not to Podcast (An Audio Guide)

This week someone spins the wheel of consequences and a brand-new round begins: Karl updates us on his “go to church” consequence: In WATC we learn about a show that makes pointing out minorities are better serial killers its mission, weird brag right? In the Scum Parade we meet a full-service Nashville hotel manager, an exterminator who sprayed a little too much and a horse lover! 


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Check out the Scum Parade stories here: 

VIDEO | Pest control worker caught urinating in local family’s living room, police say | WJAC (wjactv.com)

Tennessee hotel guest wakes up to night manager sucking on his toes: police (nypost.com)

Jack R. Blanke had sex with horse: Sheriff (lawandcrime.com)

Mum ‘cooks and eats son’s head after killing him’ so he could ‘stay with her forever’ – Daily Star

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