Episode 165: You are the Father!

This week Karl & Vinnie make their nominations for creepiest Mom of all time! We believe that Mother’s Day is for the good Moms, so we dedicated this episode to the rest of them: In WATC we check back in with the Fruit Loop Serial Killer Podcast because WTF? In the Scum Parade we shame bad parents, meet the coolest teacher of all time and give you a good reason to just spring for an Uber.


Check out the Scum Parade stories here:

Man, 30, dies with ping pong ball up his bum after being electrocuted while pleasuring himself | Daily Mail Online 

Jacksonville nurse accused of sending naked pictures, video from patient’s phone to himself (news4jax.com) 

Boston School Dead Sentenced for Recruiting Students to Sell Drugs (frontpagedetectives.com)

Cleaver-wielding convict terrorizes BART train passengers trapped in underwater tunnel | Daily Mail Online – The creep is the entire homeless population of San Fran. 

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