Episode 178: Cockatoo, or three or four…

In this episode, Karl and Vinnie nominate the creepiest zookeeper of all time. Karl also brings the dorkiest podcast in the history of podcasts to WATC. And in the scum parade, we meet an upset restaurant patron, a very expensive getaway driver, and some people from Syracuse.

The score is currently Vinnie 2/Karl 0 visit thecreepoff.com to vote and decide this week’s winner

Check out the Scum Parade stories: 

Chicago man who tried to force boisterous restaurant patrons to pay for his meal at gunpoint gets 10-year sentence – CWB Chicago

Gunman flees in motorized wheelchair after shooting man to death in Greenspoint area (click2houston.com) 

Police say Pa. woman took 220-mile Lyft ride to shoot couple fostering her biological daughter in Kennedy Township | TribLIVE.com

Group kidnapped and tortured Syracuse man for days to steal his disability checks, prosecutor says – syracuse.com 

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