Episode 196: Never Promise Crazy a Baby

In today’s episode we focus on the ladies behind the heroes of the gridiron and make our nominations for creepiest NFL wife/girlfriends: In our Cop Cam segment we meet a drunk banshee woman from hell whose tires are missing: In the Scum Parade, we meet a jealous baby thrower, a clumsy Alabama Man and catch up with Gypsy Rose Blanchard!

The score is currently Vinnie 1 – Karl 2, visit thecreepoff.com to vote and decide this week’s winner

Check out the Scum Parade stories: 

Alabama Man Dives Naked Into Bass Pro Shops Fish Tank – Crime Online

Florida Man Beats Sexual Partner With Pink Dildo After She Calls Him a ‘Limp Dick’ – The Messenger

Mentally deranged first wife throws ex-husband’s baby into well (thehansindia.com)

Convicted murderer Gypsy Rose Blanchard makes red carpet debut a week after prison release (nypost.com)

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