Episode 4: Detroit Hangover Edition

Karl & Vinnie are hungover and back in the studio for a scum stream! This week we meet the late Lewd Skywalker, the creepiest sommelier of all time and a man who absolutely nailed murdering his wife.
Check out all the stories here:
2 Men Enroll in High School Using Falsified Documents – Crime Online 

 Man Pleads To AK-47 Threat Over Pizza Pie | The Smoking Gun

John Stevens, Luke Skywalker impersonator dies, coroner report shows (cincinnati.com)

Police: 2 women tossed baby back and forth in Volusia County (wesh.com)

Registered sex offender Austin Powers lures Largo teen away from home after meeting her on Snapchat: LPD (fox13news.com)

Zimbabwean man reports gay partner to police – Bulawayo24 News

Cypress man sentenced to 40 years for beating wife to death with nail gun (click2houston.com)

EXCLUSIVE: Sadistic sommelier Ian Ranney was in a three-way relationship with a married couple and would openly ‘torment’ the man’s traumatized wife | Daily Mail Online

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