Episode 135: Hysterical Mayhem

In this week’s episode Karl & Vinnie travel back in time to make their nominations for the biggest creep of 1978: In code blue cam we watch a creep get cornered by the cops: Finally in the Scum parade we meet a really clingy Ex- Cop/boyfriend, a dad who just could not get the job done and a mom who demands loyalty.  

The score is currently Vinnie 4- Karl 4, visit thecreepoff.com to vote and decide who will spin the dreaded wheel of consequences next week.  

 Check out this week’s Scum Parade:

PA State Police trooper Ronald Davis tackled ex to ground: Dauphin DA (nypost.com)

Woman who ‘tried to kill husband’ with bleach caught putting ‘liquid’ in coffee machine – Daily Star

Calif. man convicted of trying to kill son with sledgehammer while he slept | Truecrimedaily.com

Mom who waterboarded baby, stuffed him in freezer, sentenced (lawandcrime.com)

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