Episode 186: Jamica Mistaka?

Today Karl & Vinnie start an new round with another wildcard round, and someone spins the wheel : in this week’s Cop off we meet a young man who makes us all fear for the youth of tomorrow: In the Scum Parade we meet an overzealous fire fighter, an Australian man who only wants to clear his name, and a convenience store heir who keeps a close eye on the bathrooms

The score is currently Vinnie 0 – Karl 0, visit thecreepoff.com to vote and decide this week’s winner

Check out the Scum Parade stories: 

Buc-ee’s co-founder’s son is arrested on suspicion of secretly recording dozens of guests having SEX, showering, using the toilet and undressing at his father’s $8M Texas lake house | Daily Mail Online

Arnold firefighter lives near 1 of 4 houses he is accused of setting on fire; family owns another | TribLIVE.com

Alabama teen, 14, with family ‘hit list’ shoots dead brother, 17, before confessing to school friend and asking for help to murder his remaining relatives | Daily Mail Online

Aussie denies forcing home invasion victim to cut off part of penis | Toronto Sun

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