Episode 150: Murder Tips with Karl & Vinnie

This week Karl & Vinnie make their nominations for creepiest plumber: In WATC Karl reviews a podcast that has no business being in the true crime category: In the Scum Parade we meet a couple out on a very awkward first date, a Florida man who took down his Christmas decorations and the worst Mom ever. Read the stories below.

Florida man accused of hitting wife with Christmas tree after asked to help with dinner (fox35orlando.com)

West Virginia man accused of kidnapping and ‘burning’ woman with torch: police (yahoo.com)

Woman forced to have sex with violent stranger to save life of man she was out with on first date in Sunderland | Sunderland Echo

Mass. mom accused of fatally strangling 2 of her young children, trying to kill infant | Truecrimedaily.com

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