Episode 190: Waste not, Want Not

This week Karl & Vinnie serve up a heaping helping of creepy behavior by nominating the creepiest waiter of all time: This week we cross the blue line while we watch a woman make bad decision after bad decision until she finds herself hog tied: In the Scum Parade we meet a menopausal woman policing her neighborhood, really bad parents and the funniest school janitor ever. 

The score is currently Vinnie 0 – Karl 4, visit thecreepoff.com to vote and decide this week’s winner

Check out the Scum Parade stories: 

Woman keyed luxury cars in her village ‘because she was feeling menopausal’ – Daily Star

Northern California man allegedly decapitated relative and took the head with him | Truecrimedaily.com

Texas couple, Amanda Mann, 31 and Dustin Michael Lawrence, 30, are arrested after they ‘injected their baby daughter with METH to try and treat agonizing burns she suffered’ | Daily Mail Online

Giovanni Impellizzeri case: Disturbing new details revealed as NJ school janitor accused of tainting food appears in court – 6abc Philadelphia

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