Episode 200: Civic Pride

Karl & Vinnie celebrate 200 episodes with a Scum Parade! This week we meet a horny old lady, an amateur plastic surgeon and a pedo hunter who took things a little too far (DO NOT DO WHAT THAT GUY DID!).

The score is currently Vinnie 4 – Karl 1, visit thecreepoff.com to vote and decide this week’s winner

Check out the Scum Parade stories: 

Augusta burglar calls 911 after getting stuck & pooping himself – The Augusta Press

California man who tried to blame his twin brother for two rapes is sentenced to 140 years (yahoo.com)

Retired school worker, 79, accused of sending a child inappropriate Snapchats (nypost.com) 

Bloke beat fellow concert-goer unconscious because ‘glare from bald head spoiled view’ – Daily Star

Woman Killed Pet Gecko In Garbage Disposal | The Smoking Gun

Virginia man gets 100 years for stabbing, beating co-worker to death because he took his lunch | Truecrimedaily.com

‘World’s worst plastic surgeon’ accused of gouging eyes & slitting throats of victims in back-alley ‘Frankenstein’ ops | The US Sun (the-sun.com)

Texas man, James Spencer III, arrested after posing as minor to lure pedophile (nypost.com) 

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