Episode 201: Changing Ashley’s Diaper

In this episode Karl is joined by Blind Mike for a Scum Parade and the unveiling of our latest letter from Mathew Lewinsky the “Podcast Hitman”. And because Karl cannot help himself there is some spicy SJ in Atlantic City talk. 

Check out the Scum Parade stories:  

Homeless man stole dummies from babies’ mouths and used them to ‘soothe himself’ – Daily Star

Terrifying photo shows wide-eyed perv caught masturbating outside mum’s window – Daily Star

Brazilian man, 39, took selfie lying down next to his wife’s corpse and sent it to her family after killing her | Daily Mail Online

Mother of severely disabled Utah woman, 31, who cannot talk and is the size of eight-year-old catches daughter’s stepdad raping her after setting up cameras in room to capture seizures | Daily Mail Online

Horrific Incident: Mentally challenged man sets hut on fire, throws boy (5) inside | My Zimbabwe News

Mum shares bed with husband’s corpse for 4 years and tells kids to ‘keep mouths shut’ – Daily Star

Sex noises from San Diego massage parlor interrupt church services, lead to prostitution bust: report (nypost.com)

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