Episode 207: The Lincoln Project

In today’s episode Karl & Vinnie are back from Florida and the scum stories really piled up while they were away!

The score is currently Vinnie 0 – Karl 2

Check out the Scum Parade stories: 

Dead Body Was in Rochester, New York Water Supply for Nearly 1 Month (people.com)

Mum, 35, banned from three care homes for ‘bonking elderly residents’ to film for X-rated content – Daily Star

Duo Busted For Sex In Front Of Popeyes | The Smoking Gun

Iowa: Wild mugshot goes viral as ‘arsonist’ cuffed after ‘setting fire to stranger’s porch – US News – News – Daily Express US (the-express.com)

Pasco County Christian teacher accused of using AI to create erotic content from student yearbook photos (fox13news.com)

Boy, 9, showed no emotion after strangling nine rabbits to death at petting zoo | World News | Metro News

Woman shot herself in the leg to cover up boyfriend’s murder (lawandcrime.com)

Parents of Lacey Fletcher, Woman Who ‘Melted’ Into Maggot-Infested Couch, Sentenced (people.com)

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