Episode 152: Whop-de-doo!

In observance of Valentine’s Day Karl & Vinnie have decided to celebrate true love by making their nominations for creepiest couple: This week’s WATC segment proves that Candian true-crime podcasts suck too!: In the Scum parade we meet a girls basketball coach who can’t do or teach, an Egyptian goddess and a British man who does not mind sloppy seconds.

Check out this weeks stories: 

A Virginia assistant HS basketball coach impersonated a 13-year-old player, leads to multiple firings (yahoo.com)

Pa. woman who claims to be ‘Egyptian goddess’ accused of setting home and chicken coop on fire, killing 1 | Truecrimedaily.com

Homeless man accused of raping A-level student said ‘she had the time of her life’, court hears | Daily Mail Online

Mom’s ex-boyfriend killed 12-year-old girl, hid body in basement freezer: police – pennlive.com

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