Episode 153: Women, You Just Can’t Beat Them!

This week’s episode started with some serious tech issues, but that did not stop us from making our nominations for creepiest clerk: In WATC we have to wonder what the Toronto Police department is thinking as we listen to Candian taxpayer dollars at work : In the Scum Parade we meet a self-made millionaire, a man who was only trying to pay his rent, and a teacher who Karl believes should just win the whole damn show.

Check out the stories here: 
Romantic rival arrested after allegedly defecating on vehicle of executive in The Villages – Villages-News.com

Japan man who says he made living by selling upskirt videos arrested – The Mainichi

Accused foot licker worked for Richmond County School System (wrdw.com)

Fla. man accused of binding, sexually assaulting 70-year-old and stealing a car | Truecrimedaily.com

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